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On Decentralization:

“We no longer have choice. We no longer have voice. And what is left when you have no choice and no voice? Exit.” - Andreas Antonopoulos

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  • Super neat to know this! I wonder if we can examine other corporate logos and see what hidden messages they have!

    Checks Ubisoft and Hewlett-Packard logos

    Huh. There’s something odd about the logos for both these companies. All I see is “negative”, not even “negative space”. Is it normal for the company to just be completely negative, or am I misreading the logo?

  • My spouse and I are gamers. It’s fun to introduce them to a game and watch them experience it for the first time. Every now and then they don’t like a game I’ve introduced, and other times they end falling in love with the game. Right now my spouse is introducing me to Hades, and they’re watching my experiences with it: it’s a good game so far, but they rave about it so I wanted to know what it’s like. We get to hang out while they watch me play, and it’s quality time together. Who knows, maybe this will be a favorite game of mine too?

    I don’t watch strangers online play games, but let’s pretend there’s a content creator who I enjoy watching, is close to my age, and I enjoy their personality. How cool would it be to watch that person play some of my favorite games: nostalgic games, ones that inspired me, introduced me to new concepts, broke me, etc. If I aligned with that content creator, I’d love to hear what they think - what they liked and didn’t like about the game, how they felt with the thought-provoking moments, etc.

    With that said, some persons like to watch others play games for these reasons and more.

  • Agreed. It isn’t a sustainable model. Eventually game companies will want their own proprietary ‘Game Pass service’, and we’ll see a great schism in the next 10 years - the very same that fractured video streaming. Customers will get more choices, but prices will remain high(er) rather than lowering.

    For now, depending on the type of customer, Game Pass is a good deal for those that want to try out games or have the time to justify the subscription. For an oldie like me, it’s not a good deal as I prefer to own my games (where possible, considering licenses and DRM).

  • Jaguars EDGE Josh Allen, also known as the better Josh Allen, changed his name to Josh Hines-Allen today, in an homage to his family and the legacy he wants to upkeep. Hines-Allen talked extensively about following in the footsteps of his sisters and uncles who played basketball both collegiately and professionally, and how much it made him happy to hear his sisters’ names called when they ran out the tunnel. Now, he has the opportunity to do that himself as he gets closer and closer to the Jaguars all-time sack record.

    For fans that bought an Allen jersey: don’t fret just yet, because according to Jacksonville Times-Union reporter Demetrius Harvey, Hines-Allen will be hosting an exchange event in September where fans that own the Allen jersey can exchange it for the new Hines-Allen jersey for free. A standup guy, who was always the better Josh Allen.

    Pretty cool of Josh Hines-Allen to do that for Jags fans! I’ll miss the Josh Allen sacked by Josh Allen jokes.