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  • Can you do one album at a time? Select the albums you want to download, then do that file. Then do the next few albums. That way you have direct control over the data you’re getting in each batch, and so you’ll have a week to get that batch instead of having to start again if the whole thing didn’t finish in a week.

  • That’s not quite their position. They believe the OSI decides what counts as Open Source based on what benefits big tech who fund them. Basically, they think it’s wrong to argue that something cannot be considered open source unless Google is allowed to use the free labour of contributers without restriction or payment.

    They talk more about it here and here.

    Personally I don’t have a side in this fight but nothing I have seen has made me shy away from using their products.

  • I think earlier on when there were fewer engines it was less of a problem as they all had fairly distinct shapes being based on different real engine classes

    Even so, it’s hard explaining to a 4 year old no no that’s not Edward that’s Thomas look at the flat sides, the flat bits come further towards the front than on Edward.

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    Do you know how confusing it is that Thomas the Tank Engine has three blue, two red, and two green characters and they are the same shade of paint? We read Thomas books and my kid gets confused because Emily drives past Thomas, then meets Thomas coming down the line, past Thomas number 3.

    I’m gonna guess British shops only sold three colours of paint in 1984?