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  • It’s not that Linux can’t have security problems. I still remember the very first internet virus in 1987 that traveled thru Unix machines. But Windows is the worst OS for critical systems precisely because it is the most common OS. Anything is better than windows. Linux, MacOS, or even an old IBM mainframe OS and those awful tn3270 terminals. Also, Chrome OS in particular has VMs instead of other VMs. It really is designed to be much more secure than Windows.

    It’s more like a bug in critical software that just happens to be security related.

    And so the cure is the same as the disease. Or actually worse in this case. The very fact that systems were constantly updated was itself the problem rather than the solution to the problem. How did nobody realize this was going to happen sooner or later?

    Linux had also been affected by Crowdstrike before.

    I’m guessing Crowdstrike issues a lot more Windows updates than Linux updates?

  • I got a new HVAC and smart thermostat about a week ago. After researching, I decided to hook thermostat to wifi and download app. Mostly all the app does is duplicate the same functionality that the thermostat controls have. I find it handy to have a remote control for the thermostat.

    OTOH I decided not to hook up a new washing machine to wifi and use app. It duplicated the functionality of the appliance controls also, but there was no point in having remove controls for a washing machine.

    The critical thing is that an appliance needs to be fully functional without needing to use wifi and certainly not a phone app.

  • “Title must fairly describe link contents. If your title differs from the site’s, it should only be to add context or be more descriptive.”

    I could be wrong, but I think this verbage was just added. Which is fine, because I suggested to mods that they make any rules about this explicit after they nuked the whole discussion. The only message to me was that it was nuked because of an “altered title”.

    Even so. My “title fairly describes link contents”. Check. I changed it exactly to “be more descriptive”. Check. So it still confirms to even the new standards. But at least now there is something that vaguely relates.

    Censorship is a serious accusation, this doesn’t clear it.

    It is serious enough for me to be glad that Lemmy has multiple sites to post things so that no one set of people are gatekeepers to information. I knew there was a reason why I loved the fact that Lemmy is decentralized.